Health Educator

Company Name:
Shifa Health PLLC
Shifa Health PLLC in Mill Creek, Washington
Create programs for patients in psychiatric medical practice that encourage mental health and wellness, and help awareness of mental disease
Creating and implementing mental health education programs for the general public, as well as targeting at-risk populations, such as people at high risk for suicide, youth at risk, professional at risk for depression and anxiety though brochures, web postings, monthly newsletters, blogs and social media
Preparing presentations, conducting health screenings and patient outreach, and serving as point of contact for patients and referral sources
Developing health education programs for professionals to improve their skills related to diagnosing, treating and referring people with emotional, behavior or psychiatric issues.
Identifying and developing easy mental health education resource list for patients, providers and community.
Teach group classes, in collaboration with other providers on mental health topics (like depression, anxiety and stress management and train professionals from other medical fields on how to communicate with, detect and refer patients with mental illness).
Conducting staff health screenings and design healthy workplace programs
Required: Masters in health education, health administration services or closely related and 1 yr of experience in job offered or as community health promotor. Bachelors degree must be in psychology. Email resume to

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